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That is what you get when you combine a tall slender beautiful model in high heels and a classic 63 Chev Impala with spoke wheels.

High Heels & Spoke Wheels

We met up with Lavianne at a pre banquet photo shoot session where she was the hostess for her cousin Casey’s banquet and approached her for a shoot session with us. She was keen on the idea and that was awesome as I already had a car in mind to capture her with…mix things up a bit since our last few Sunday Session shoots were solos with the model only. We met  up in Bramfontein to start off th session with the 1st outfit. The only thing about shooting in town is that sometimes there aren’t any toilets around and the models have to resort to getting dressed in their cars, luckily Lavianne had her supportive family with to help her out with that.


The first outfit we opted for a denim urban look, stylish and suitable for most occasions, Lavianne rocked it properly and we managed to get some sick shots.


First outfit was done after a few good takes, onto the next location which was just off Marshal Street in Jozi. On our way there we met up with our Vato from the West, Wayne Stringer cruising low and slow in his 63 Chev Impala. Wayne was kind enough to take time out to join us for the shoot.

The detailing on this car is phenomenal and let me just add that this car is riding on air and spoke wheels to compliment the spray job on this car. Lavianne and the Chevy made a hot team and much fun was had as you can see in the images to follow.



We had one last outfit to capture and this was more of a “night out in town” kinda look, sexy yet elegant


A special Thank You to Lavianne and her family who came along to help out, also to Wayne for bringing along his super sexy Impala.

Till our next post…….Peace, Love and Harmony