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MSQUAD SHOWCASE 2017 – Noble Media Solutions

Welcome to our very 1st blog post at the new home of Noble Media Solutions Web Page – MSQUAD SHOWCASE 2017.

My very first blog is dedicated to the MSquad who hosted their first gathering for the year of 2017


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Sandton Auto hosted their first gathering of the MSquad Showcase on 3rd of June 2017. It was a nippy Saturday morning when everyone started rocking up at Sandton Auto out in Rivonia road, each one with his weapon of choice for the showcase.

We soon forgot all about the cold when we were overcome by the excitement as one “M” arrived after another. Each ride with a different character complimenting their owners taste and style.

bmw bmw

There were M3’s M4’s M5’s X5’s …every where you looked there was a “M” staring back at you with those mean eyes and fitted                stance, ready to tear up the streets of Jozi. We were like little kids in a candy store with very expensive candy ….                               .this was definitely a gathering of German engineering machines at its best.

Old Friends met up, new friends shared ideas and others just stared in awe at the beauty and craftsmanship of these awesome rides.

Once everyone was signed in an accounted for, it was time to hit the streets of Jozi, each driver receiving their route for the morning

Let me tell you something…we had no clue as to just how much fun this run was going to be. From that moment when the engine start button was engaged, my world turned upside down in a good way. The center court of Sandton Auto was transformed into a live symphony of roaring engines, exhausts spitting out to the anti-lag tune…. it sent chills down my spine and we haven’t even left yet!

Everyone lined up in the road, just waiting to press those shifters. Tumi (chief) and I were lucky enough to hitch a lift in one of thee meanest looking  M5’s around that belongs to a kind gentleman named Brandon. Not only did he have a M5 there, his wife Rookshana and daughter Tamia brought along their super fast X5….Now that is what I call #familygoals

This family really enjoy their cars, we were given the rides of our lives. Both Brandon and Rookshana handle their cars like pros and Tamia is like google on 2 legs when it comes to knowledge about the tech of cars.

Thank You to the Morgan Family for making our day!

We toured most of the north and it felt kinda like a roller coaster ride, in a sec it was over, still trying to remember what just happened but with big smiles on our faces

Overall it was an awesome adrenalin filled day that ended with a scrumptious lunch at Melrose Arch

Thank You Sandton Auto for putting all this together, Big Ups to Sanjay as well on a great attendance of 60 M’s. Now that’s a #MSquad2017 Showcase

Till the next gathering…Peace, Love and Harmony